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What is Detroit-Style Pizza?

What, you’ve never heard of Detroit pizza?  What’s a Philly guy, who’s renowned in California for his sushi doing making pizza?  What’s sushi have to do with pizza? There’s a common link: they each require passion, the perfect ingredients, knowledge, taste and patience. Lou and his wife Kristi are putting together everything necessary for perfect “Detroit” pizza.  Using rectangular blue steel pans for the caramelized crust, those thick walls of crust that are light and golden brown, dough that’s too thick to possibly be that light, the sauce in just the right places so that it doesn’t burn, the cheese, enough but not too much and the pepperoni, oh, the perfectly cupped pepperoni.

Where It Started

It started in1946 at Buddy’s Pizza, a former speakeasy in Detroit. The original Sicilian-style recipe was based on an old family recipe for Sfincione. Now Lou’s brought all of this wonder to Sacramento, Sacramento’s FIRST Detroit pizza. Lou’s amazing pizza is only available on Saturday and Sunday and only ordered on-line.

Lou’s Pizza

Sacramento, California

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